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本文摘要:1.God commanded, Let there be light, but it didnt happen for nearly half a million years. Thats how long after the Big Bang the universe took to expand enough to allow photons (light particles) to travel freely.1.神说道:要有光。


1.God commanded, Let there be light, but it didnt happen for nearly half a million years. Thats how long after the Big Bang the universe took to expand enough to allow photons (light particles) to travel freely.1.神说道:要有光。但是光直到50万年之后才经常出现大爆炸之后50万年,宇宙再一收缩到充足大,可以让光子在其中权利穿越。

2.Those photons are still running loose, detectable as the cosmic microwave background, a microwave glow from all parts of the sky.2.这时光子的运动依然是无规则的,以宇宙背景电磁辐射的形式不存在就就是指宇宙的各个部分收到的微波。3.Light moves along at full light speed186,282.4 miles per secondonly in a vacuum. In the dense matrix of a diamond, it slows to just 77,500 miles per second.3.光只有在真空中才以光速,即186,282.4英里/秒(299,792,458米/秒)运动,在钻石这样的高密度物质中,光速不会上升到77,500英里/秒(124,724,160米/秒)。

4.Diamonds are the Afghanistan of gemstones: Any entering photon quickly gets bogged down. It takes a lot of pinging back and forth in a thicket of carbon atoms to find an exit. This action is what gives diamonds their dazzling sparkle.4.钻石是宝石中的阿富汗:任何转入其中的光子都会不得不减慢速度。光子要在错综复杂的碳原子间重复冲撞才能寻找决心。

而这就是钻石闪耀着令人眩目的光辉的原因。5.Eyeglasses can correct vision because light changes speed when it passes from air to a glass or plastic lens; this causes the rays to bend.5.眼镜可以校正视力是因为光从空气射入玻璃或塑料的镜片时速度不会转变,于是光线就再次发生了刀柄。6.Plato fancied that we see by shooting light rays from our eyes.6.柏拉图指出,我们之所以看见,是因为我们的眼睛不会升空光线。

7.The Greek philosopher was not completely wrong. Like all living things, humans are bioluminescent: We glow. We are brightest during the afternoon, around our lips and cheeks. The cause may be chemical reactions involving molecular fragments known as free radicals.7.古希腊哲学家的观点并非几乎错误。人类和所有其他生物一样,都具有生物发光现象,也就是说人体显然不会闪烁。我们在下午最暗淡,最暗淡的部位则是嘴唇和脸颊。


这一现象的原因有可能是取名为自由基的分子片段参予化学反应导致的。8.Bioluminescence is the largest source of light in the oceans; 90 percent of all creatures who live below about 1,500 feet are luminous.8.生物发光是海洋中的仅次于光源:生活在距海平面1500英尺以下的生物有90%都会闪烁。

9.World War II aviators used to spot ships by the bioluminescence in their wakes.9.二战中的飞行员曾通过船只尾流中的生物发光现象来定位船只。10.Incandescent bulbs convert only 10 percent of the energy they draw into light, which is why Europe will outlaw them by 2012. Most of the electricity turns into unwanted heat.10.白炽灯不能将通过自身的电能的10%转化成为光能,而大部分电能都转化成热能浪费掉了。

因此欧洲将在2012年停止使用白炽灯。11.In the confined space of an Easy-Bake oven, a 100-watt bulb can create a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit.11.在一个堵塞空间比如Easy-Bake玩具烤炉里,一个100瓦的白炽灯冷水可以超过华氏325度(大约163摄氏度)的高温。12.Visible light makes up less than one ten-billionth of the electromagnetic spectrum, which stretches from radio waves to gamma rays.12.在覆盖面积了从无线电波到伽马射线的电磁光谱中,红外线只占到将近百亿分之一的比例。

13.Goldfish can see infrared radiation that is invisible to us. Bees, birds, and lizards have eyes that pick up ultraviolet.13.金鱼可以看到我们看不到的红外线。蜜蜂,鸟类和蜥蜴则具有可以看到紫外线的眼睛。

14.Photography means writing with light. English astronomer John Herschel, whose father discovered infrared, coined the term.14.摄影只不过就是用光来书写。这个众说纷纭是英国宇航员John Herschel(他的父亲找到了红外线)建构的。15.Shoot now: The golden hour, just after sunrise and before sunset, produces the prettiest shadows and colors for photographs.15.摄影的黄金时间是日领先和日落前的一段时间时间,此时能拍得光影和色彩都可谓极致的照片。


16.Auroras light up the night sky when solar wind particles excite atoms in the upper atmosphere. Oxygen mostly shines green; nitrogen contributes blue and red.16.当太阳风唤起了高层大气中的原子,就不会产生极光。氧气产生的极光多半是绿色的,氮气则是蓝色和红色。17.But to the Inuits, auroras are spirits of the dead kicking around the head of a walrus.17.。



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